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Bringing Balance to Langford

Communities need balance to thrive and be sustainable.  Let’s work together to balance development, infrastructure, services and green space.



I am running for Langford council because I really love this place and the people here.  Langford is changing fast!  Together we can work for balance and quality of life for current and future residents. My priorities on council include sustainable growth, the environment and greenspace, and making sure decisions are based on community engagement.

On October 15th, 2022, vote for Mary Wagner!

Top priorities

Sustainable Growth

Thoughtful, well-planned development with more greenspace and amenities for the public

Public Consultation and Transparent Government

Bring together the public with developers, businesses, experts and council in open discussions and have clear decision-making processes

Environment and Greenspace

Protect and expand parks and natural spaces; take action to make Langford more climate resilient

Healthy, Safe Communities

Create opportunities to support mental and physical health and ensure safety in our community

My Story

I was lucky enough to have been born and raised in Langford, and have lived here most of my life. I attended Savory Elementary and then Spencer Jr. High.  I went on to study at the University of Victoria where I earned my PhD in Biochemistry. 

I have always loved learning and was a keen student.  I also enjoyed performing arts, sports and student leadership activities both at school and in the community, and sought out opportunities for community service.

For the past 15 years, I have been teaching biology classes at UVic while raising my family in the heart of Langford. Currently, I am involved in several community groups including Friends of Cedar Vale Park, 100 Women Who Care Westshore, and the Westshore Chamber of Commerce.  I am passionate about family, nature and community!

Support my campaign

Your contribution will help me and my team grow this into a winning campaign. Donations will be used for signs, flyers, events and other supplies. With your help, we can make a change this fall!

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Langford, I want to hear from you!

I love collaborating with others and I really enjoy chatting with people in the community. I look forward to hearing your concerns and also sharing ideas about Langford.

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Support from the community

"Mary often provides new and inventive ideas for the betterment of our Strata complex. As an example, she submitted a detailed financial strategy, saving us from paying excessive monthly strata fees, that had not been an option provided by our Strata Council. Mary’s proposal was voted on and passed.

I support Mary for City Council because I believe she is dedicated to contributing to the well being of our community. She is committed to protecting the environment and she is fair and open to the opinions and ideas of others. I consider Mary to be trustworthy and a person of integrity. She is unbiased and able to see all sides of sensitive issues, while creating options for more acceptable resolutions."

- Carol Baldwin, Langford resident and Mary's longtime neighbor

"How thrilling, my friend and neighbour Mary is running for Langford Council! Mary is friendly, caring, and engaged. And whether she’s with a local group digging out invasive species – attending a meeting of Langford Council or one of many community organizations she belongs to – or just chillin’ around the community – she’s always a ray of sunshine. Mary has already shown huge dedication to better local government: spending countless hours reviewing Langford Council meeting agendas, and then participating. We’re already benefiting from the voice of “Mary 4 Langford” as a concerned citizen. Now it’s time to get that voice onto Council!"

- Kara Middleton, Langford resident, Mary's friend and neighbor

"I have known Mary for almost 15 years and she has always proven to be a very driven, well informed individual. Mary takes great pride in community involvement and staying up to date with current events. Her ability to connect with people has always stood out to me as an asset. Mary is the type of individual who was meant to be on council and if elected will bring so much good to our city."

- Julie Weatherhead MacDonald, Langford resident and Mary's friend


 Mary is proudly endorsed by the Victoria Labour Council

Mary is proudly endorsed by Langford Now

a grassroots community movement for an accountable Langford that balances development with infrastructure, social, and environmental needs.

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Want to see a sweeping change in Langford?

This October, vote for Mary along with all of Langford Now’s endorsed candidates to ensure that your voice is heard at city hall with a balanced, progressive council that listens to YOU!


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Mary Wagner for Langford City Council. Bringing Balance to Langford: Communities need balance to thrive and be sustainable. Let’s work together to balance development, infrastructure, services and green space.
Mary Wagner for Langford City Council. Bringing Balance to Langford: Communities need balance to thrive and be sustainable. Let’s work together to balance development, infrastructure, services and green space.